16x Growth Since Rollout and Rising

In August 2017, we were approached by creative director Jeremy Greenfield and the team at Saving Grace, a CBD oil producer in Boulder, CO to lead their rebrand + packaging rollout for DTC, Retail, and Web + Social Media. They had worked with a large agency in the past but found the work ultimately dissatisfying considering the large budget they'd allocated to their initial brand: they weren't showing a positive ROI like anticipated, even though the quality of their product should have spoken for itself.
We designed a brand that not only beautifully exhibited the core of Saving Grace's story, but grew their business 16x month over month for a year.

before + after

Saving Grace's original ultimately unsuccessful branding, rolled out three months prior to working with Fringe.

New branding, full lockup.


The core of the brand is the Heart Mark. Here, the initials, SG, are woven into a heart to show that at the core, everything is done for love.

corporate identity

A suite of print collateral was created for the brand.

product development + packaging

We decided the best way to communicate the 4 levels of potency weren't in total CBD in the bottle, but in the per-dose strength. Thus, this simple and effective nomenclature was born. 33, 55, and 88 bottles each represented a step up in daily recovery and wellness. A gold-on-black "K9" bottle was formulated specifically for dogs.

The Saving Grace product line: 30 + 60ml bottles with distinct colors and strength indicators on each label.

Sample sachets for insertion into magazines, Direct Mail and Seasonal Gift Sets.


You bet we designed a website-- e-commerce and everything!

Website, Laptop

Product Page, Tablet