innovative – cohesive – targeted
hive–minded – omnipotent

what we aren't


We took a lotta heat on this one, but look-- our job isn't to micromanage your socials or push out tweets about the latest trends. We design beautiful brands that sell themselves.


But we do have a school of very real swordfish with very real law degrees and they are indeed resourceful when it comes to keeping the  humans in check.

NO DEPARTMENTS at all actually

We've created the first ever agency Hive-Mind. We do ask our team members and clients alike to voluntarily assimilate into our post-digital branding braintub. We also play bocce ball on Wednesdays.

No Boxes

Stop putting us in boxes. Even this text, as I type it, sits in a box. Well, not anymore. We

transcend boundaries, boxes,
                         and above all

some clients

You could be our next best friend!
We're getting excited just thinking 'bout it.

omg this could be us!!!

Jackson Greathouse Fall
ENFP, 7w8, Pisces, Physical Touch

Sophia Janz
ISFJ, 1w2, Leo,
Acts of Service

the question on everyone's mind:

how does this all work?

(fringe's process made easy to understand by use of animated gifs)

1) Informal Formalities

The who, why, where, and a big ol' what of the deal: you tell us who you are and we'll shoot back a proposal detailing exactly how we can help you, how much time it's gonna take, and how much you should budget for the project. If everything looks to your liking, we proceed to the

2) Formal Familiarities

If you're local, we'll go out to a big fancy dinner and sign a contract with a big fancy pen. We'll drink champagne and laugh about how easy your life is about to become. If you're not local, we'll docusign an agreement and fedex you a cheesecake. Cheers!

Now, it's time to get down and dirty. In a highly collaborative week-long sprint we like to call theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

3) Discovery Disco Derby

A unique and very special process in which we commence upon a deep dive into what makes you unique and how you would like to see yourselves stand out in a crowded market. Real manifest-y vision board type stuff. What's the vibe? Super-sleek-fancy-refined-pants? Etherial boho-chic? A big ol moodboard is gonna give us everything we need to produce...

4) Logos! Logos! Logos!

Give us just a sec-- or, like, a couple weeks-- and we'll crank out some pretty sexy branding options. But how ever will you choose? They're all so lovely! Fret not, choose one and allow us to carry forth: we're gonna get real picky now. We now refine, refine once more until we have something so unexpected, it just happens to make perfect sense. You'll be pleased to find the process is far from over; we have yet to fit

5) Everything in its Place

Now that you have a visually striking logo system (with every imaginable variation for orientation and size considered) you're ready to take the world by storm. So we're done, right? WRONG. Bold of you to assume you're ready for world domination with just a cute logo. Oh no, building a brand sooo much more than slapping a logo on some popsockets. We've got you for everything else you'll need to be ready for whatever insane unexpected cosmically perfect opportunity comes your way.

Websites! Business cards! Product Packaging! Merch! Hats! Menus! Posters! Piñatas??

We do it all. Try us.

Don't be scared! Come say hi! Tell us what you dig and we'll formulate a plan...

We'll be doing secret handshakes and cracking inside jokes in no time!

Oklahomie?? We love that journey for us. But no worries if not, we love taking our show on the road!

On 4, everyone say TEAM. But also, sign this first.

It's scary, but this is an exciting deep dive and we'll be with you every step of the way.

This is where it gets exciting.
Ready to dance?

Remember Ballmer? We had to throw this in.

Given a selection of options, It's time to choose.

Options = Currency. We give high quality options from round one, and we make sure you can visualize exactly how those examples will play out in context.

You thought we were done? Ooooh, hardly. Read on.

Be like Huell. We make brands that are worth basking in.

1. You tell us who you are
And also receive up to 35% discounts on print and external suppliers.

2. We tell you what you need
And also receive up to 35% discounts on print and external suppliers. If there is work we need to do over and above what was initially discussed – or there are changes to the original brief, we will re-cost the job before starting on the new work.

3. Cost Estimate upfront based on an estimated number of hours per job.
And also receive up to 35% discounts on print and external suppliers. If there is work we need to do over and above what was initially discussed – or there are changes to the original brief, we will re-cost the job before starting on the new work.

4. Annual retainer fee with added value (10% reduction on creative fee).
And also receive up to 35% discounts on print and external suppliers. We will quote an estimated volume of work for a one year period or offer a certain fixed number of days per week/month. Thereafter averaged out and billed monthly. If however ad hoc work is added, the retainer will need to be reviewed. The retainer will be for creative and concept work only and will not include production costs. Most clients believe that by getting agencies to quote on the job they will get a better price. This is never the case, though few clients believe this. The best way to stretch your budget is to understand what the budget is upfront. If you opt for an upfront cost estimate or retainer, we will endeavour to do all the work within a pre-arranged cost estimate or monthly retainer. If there is work we need to do over and above what was initially discussed – or there are changes to the original brief, we will re-cost the job before starting on the new work.

5. We invest in you.
On some occasions we are open to negotiating a risk reversal option whereby Dinergy is only paid on the results that a campaign achieves. We understand that budgets are often tight. In light of this, we offer a remuneration package that suits us both. We assess the project, evaluate the time and risk to initiate the campaign, and if it meets our criteria, we invest in you for no upfront fee. We take a long term view and agree to be paid 5% on gross income, paid monthly. This means it costs you nothing until the project starts making money or you secure funding - freeing up cash-flow and more importantly allowing you and Dinergy to be more pro-active. Another benefit is that we can produce any required collateral to secure funding without the usual up-front costs. This option gives you the best opportunity to trial different adverts, headlines, creative, etc, as it is in both our interests to get a return on the advert. This could become expensive if quoted on an hourly basis. It takes all the upfront risk out of any marketing strategy.
It’s a potentially risky strategy for us, but if we believe in you and help you succeed, it’s a win win situation.
When dinergy is contracted as an ongoing partner, all of the services mentioned below are included with the exception of hard costs from external suppliers. Because our fees will be proportionate to your turnover, dinergy is not restrained by budget and can immediately launch the product as strongly as possible, using all our marketing, muscle as early as possible. There will be no holding back - we are all-in and as committed as you are. But, due to the massive up-front investment in time, we select potential partners very carefully.

6. Dinergy's network muscle continually saves you money.
As well as award winning creative, we will save you money by sharing our suppliers to reduce hard costs through an extensive network gathered from international trade shows and many years of experience. Part of this network includes Australian, Chinese, Taiwanese and South African suppliers. This supply chain has great value due to the favourable exchange rate as well as the trust gained by working with them on projects over the years. These costs will be supplied with no mark-up as a part of the partnership agreement #5.

Dream it, be it